Help companies survive COVID-19 crisis-3

Revenue Department published another 6 measures to help companies survive COVID-19 crisis;

  1. Personal income tax exemption for compensation for risking personnel medical and public health, such as doctors, nurses, medical technicians.
  2. Increase the amount of deduction of health insurance premiums, from Baht15,000 to 25,000.
  3. Postpone submission of form (PND.90/91) and payment of the personal income tax year 2019, additional filing deadline for another 2 months from the end of 30 June 2020 to 31 August 2020.
  4. Postpone submission of form and paymen of corporate income tax for the company not registered in the Stock Exchange of Thailand.  PND.50 from April to 31 August 2020, and PND.51 from July to September 2020. (In case of FYE = 31 December 2019) note:company whose FYE is other than 31 December 2019 is not mentioned.
  5. Postpone filing and payment of income tax who have to stop their business according to government orders. note:limit is not mentioned.
  6. Support the debt restructuring of the Ministry of Finance. (1) exemption of income tax, VAT, SBT and stamp duty to debtors and creditors (2) reduction of registration fees for the transfer and mortgage of real estate and apartments of debt restructuring from 2% to 0.01% (from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2021)

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