39th Annual Global Conference 19 – 23 October 2022 Vienna, Austria

The 39th ​​Russell Bedford International Annual Global Conference was ​​held ​​at ​​the Vienna Marriott Hotel, Vienna, Austria ​​from 19 – 23 ​October ​​2022. ​

The ​​event ​​​​comprised ​​​​two and a half ​​days ​​of ​​training, ​​consisting ​​of ​​a ​​mixture ​​of ​​formal ​​presentations ​​and ​​group ​​work ​​sessions, ​​along ​​with ​​social ​​and ​​networking ​​activities.

The first conference of its kind since 2019, it cannot be understated how wonderful it was to resume this flagship event as an in-person conference, which has featured in Russell Bedford’s annual programme of events for almost 40 years. Vienna’s breath-taking architecture and most impressive scenery and parks put a grand stamp on proceedings, adding to an already exciting and hotly anticipated conference.

The meeting opened with pre-dinner drinks and a welcome dinner at the conference hotel, where members had the opportunity to reconnect with friends and colleagues, while welcoming new firms to the network.

CEO, Stephen Hamlet, added: “After a long three years of being apart for the global meeting, it has been absolutely fantastic to be back together, in our forces, for this truly memorable event. This conference has been bursting with so much positivity and energy from our members. We’ve had a top-class programme of speakers, incredible collaboration and a great deal of sentiment and appreciation for what we have been through, where we now are, and looking forward to even greater things to come.”

He added: “The stunning, historic city of Vienna was truly a sight to behold, putting the icing on the cake of an already exhilarating event. This year’s Gala Dinner at the majestic Palais Ferstel, was the ultimate crescendo to the most incredible four days spent in Vienna. A huge thank you to our guest speakers, delegates and their guests who made this conference one that will be difficult to forget.

Sansanee Poolsawat, managing partner at Proud in Pro, attended this meeting and said: “This is a very exciting development and a big event. We had opportunity to introducing our firm to other members of Russ ell Bradford and acknowledged about network’s standard of audit including Quality Management. Now we are filled with enthusiasm to begin exploring the new opportunities open to us as members of a large network of international accounting firms and the benefits that this will bring to our firm and our clients.”


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